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Alta California Botanicals™ are 100% organic medical cannabis tinctures formulated to provide fast acting and effective relief. The active ingredients combine CBD, THC, THCA and other cannabinoids in five product formulations known for their health giving benefits.

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It’s Here!: Our New Insomnia Relief Tincture.

Pain INTERNAL_box_btl_Jan_14 Medium THC / Medium CBN • Sedative value • Mild Psychoactivity/ Sedative


By combining even ratios of THC and CBN with smaller amounts of THCA and CBD, our Insomnia Relief Tincture allows users to attain a full, undisturbed sleep by relieving them of sleep apnea and other causes of nighttime tenseness.

This Insomnia Relief Tincture combines the sedative effects of CBN as well as a few of our other tinctures in order to relieve its users of pain, anxiety, and stress so that they can get a good night sleep.


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“CBD works on receptors, and as it turns out, we have cannabinoids in our bodies, endogenous cannabinoids, that turn out to be very effective at regulating immune functions, nerve functions, bone functions,”
— Ethan Russo, MD, a Seattle physician

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